Men’s and Women’s Haircuts

Men’s and Women’s Haircuts

Fresh haircuts in Texarkana, TX

Chop off a few inches of hair or trim up your dead ends at Studio One/10. I offer top-notch haircuts for men and women. From taper cuts to bobs, I can make your hair look incredible.

The salon stays up-to-date on the latest trends to give you a look that turns heads. You might consider trying:

  • Layers—A tousled look intended to add depth and movement.
  • Bangs—A chic cut around the face that softens facial structure.
  • A medium bob—A simple look that rests just above the shoulders.

Men might try a simple buzz or taper cut to tame an overgrown mane. Learn more about different types of haircuts offered by calling 870-571-6563 today.

Do you need a haircut for thick hair?

Visit Studio One/10 for an appointment as soon as possible. Our hair stylist specializes in cutting thick, curly hair to make it feel lightweight and manageable. I can add layers to your hair that will thin out the weight without compromising volume.

Call Studio One/10 today to schedule a haircut for thick hair in Texarkana, TX.